Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 12 - Cajarc to Vaylats (33 kms)

Cajarc - Limogne-en-Quercy - Varaire - Bach - Vaylats

Big day today - 33 kms from Cajarc to Vaylats plus an extra 3 or 4 late this afternoon for not paying attention. Less said the better.  Blue skies, feeling strong and a flat path for the most part, so thought I would make the most of it today to walk on to the small village of Vaylets - which means just 24 kms to Cahors tomorrow. 

Cahors is a mediaeval city almost entirely surrounded by water. By all accounts it's lovely. Hopefully I'll be there by mid afternoon - plenty of time to wander around. Did I mention in an early post that daylight saving started here on 1 April? Already, it's light until after 9. 

It's nearly 9 now as I begin this update so I'll make it a short one - not just that it's getting late (by pilgrim standards) but the internet coverage is 'shaky'. I'm just back from dinner with 7 other pilgrims and about 20 nuns - some very old indeed. We are staying in the convent in Vaylets - or at least a building which was once part of the convent and has been refurbished for pilgrims. The rooms are simple, but comfortable and spotless, as are the bathrooms. I love it. I ran out of time today but will try to take a few photos before I leave in the morning. 

I was going to give a full report on dinner last night with Evelyne and family - but will do that tomorrow from Cahors when hopefully I'll have more time and the connection will be more stable. In summary, it was wonderful, right up there as a special and memorable Camino experience. The food was as French and fabulous as you could imagine. And the conversation flowed - sort of - thanks to everyone's generosity and patience and Evelyne translating when we got 'stuck'. I would not have imagined I could feel so at home and welcome with four complete strangers, five including Aliane the cocker spaniel. More tomorrow. 

Before I sign off, great to hear from you - Julie, Deb, Mike, Judy, Rosanne, Clare, Audrey and Carlo. Thank you for your news from home and good wishes. 

I had hoped to catch up on my individual replies to emails but time has gotten away from me again tonight. It must seem strange that I always seem to be busy but by the time you walk for between 7 and 9 hours, find the gite, get settled in the gite, unpack, wash yourself and your undies, upload photos, try to have a drink before dinner, have dinner etc ... I know, it's a tough life. Will try again tomorrow. 

Photos tonight not from today's walk but from the beautiful town of Cajarc!  

J x

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  1. Hi Jenny, Thank you for the time and effort you put into this Blog each day and for your photographs. We recognise many of the villages you have visited and they make us desperate to return to the small villages of France. There are so many that are so beautiful. It is hard to imagine how the powers that be determine which ones deserve to be rated amongst le plus beau but, wow, what a job !
    We love both your text and photographs and particularly the quirky shots such as the cow looking at you over the old stone wall - fabulous !
    Bonne continuation de votre voyage,
    Bill and Lilly
    (Any French above is sure to be incorrect.)