Monday, April 7, 2014

Day 4 - Le Sauvage to Aumont-Aubrac (27 km)

Le Sauvage - La Roche-sur-Lajo - Les Faux - Le Rouget - Saint-Alban-sur-Limagole - Les Estrets - Bigose - Aumont-Aubrac

Just a short post tonight. Time has gotten away from me. 

A great day's walk in brilliant sunshine. I'm not sure of the temperature but I think it may have been low 20s - very warm for this time of year. Perhaps a colder spell starting tomorrow. 

Today, it was Sheryl, Glenn, Carlo and me. We said a bientot to Bob, his daughter Amberley, Tina and Rebecca, although I may see them again in a few days' time depending on whether I'm still with the others or decide to push on. Hmmm. I guess I have to work out what I need most - to be in company with these lovely people for as long as possible even if it cuts off some options, or to follow a different path - albeit on the same path if you know what I mean!  The answer is in my heart somewhere! 

Today was also my first Camino 27 day. It seems to be a magical number for me on the Camino. In 2011 arriving in Santiago on Day 29 I had walked an average of 27 kms. In 2013 when Jill and I arrived in Santiqgo on Day 29 of course we had also walked an average of 27 kms. So it seems a distance that suits me and I certainly felt that today. It was a solid day's walk. I was tired but not too tired. I wonder if by the end of this Camino and my time in Spain, my average daily distance will turn out the same!  I guess we will find out. 

Along the path today we saw three more messages from Phillipe. This one is good to remember for those among us who are our own worst critic. I don't recall the exact French words but the meaning seemed to be 'Your foibles and mistakes are part of your humanity. The important thing is to learn.'  

Thanks so much for being in touch Helen, Michael, Connie, Marian, Jill, Clare and Richard. It's great to wake up to messages from family and friends. Sorry that I'm often slow to reply to texts and emails, just because of time difference and no network coverage but know that I very much appreciate hearing from you. 

J xx

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  1. Hi Jenny - the photos are amazing and the walk looks great - so peaceful and to be in such good company is a bonus. I look forward to receiving the next post. Take care - love Helen Christopher (there must be another Helen amongst your friends)!