Friday, April 18, 2014

Days 14 and 15 - Cahors to Lauzerte (47 kms)

Day 14 - Cahors - Lascabanes (23 kms)
Day 15 - Lascabanes - Montcuq - Lauzerte (24kms)

Hi and sorry for being off the air yesterday. Last night in the tiny village of Lascabanes there was no network coverage at all and tonight in the town of Lauzerte, plenty of network coverage  - but way too much socialising. So I will be a pilgrim of few words this evening and leave you with a selection of the 100+ photos I've taken over these two days. 

Last update, I was in Cahors having walked from Vaylets with Anna, Valerie and Natalie whom I met at the convent, along with Jean and Sylive. Since then I have had the most wonderful two days including coming across Bob again (the diabetes crusader whom Jill and I met last year in Spain, and who I started put with in Le Puy en Velay, along with Sheryl and Glenn). I hadn't seen Bob since Day 7 at Saint-Chely-d'Aubrac. 

I have been overwhelmed by the beauty and variety of the landscape from the beginning including, in the last few days, the dirt paths in scrubby bushland, the forests and the farmlands. And by the charm and architecture of both Lascabanes and Lauzere, and the wonderful gites we've stayed in. And I hope I'll get around to telling you more about the gite accommodation and delicious food. But, more than all of that, I've been overwhelmed by how much fun and laughter I've had with a small group of people with whom I share many things, but not a common language. Somehow we have made it work. It's been a fabulous few days. 

During that time my main walking buddy has been Anna from Barcelona. With just my smattering of French and her slightly better English we have had a wonderful time filled with laughter. We are sympatico. I will be sad to say a bientot to her on Sunday morning as her Camino for this year finishes in Moissac tomorrow night. So another relatively short day tomorrow as our little group has decided we will all stay in the same gite and enjoy our last dinner with Anna.

After Mossaic, I expect I will pick up the pace a little - though I have plenty of time. I've had some new ideas about where to after I finish Chemin du Puy in St Jean Pied de Port. And I'm just letting that sit with me for time being. On the Camino I always try to follow my heart / intuition - if I do that, I am confident I will make the right choices. Will let you know when I decide. 

I promise I will get back on track eventually with proper updates ... In the meantime, thanks so much for being in touch Helen (Mum), Audrey, Judy, Mandi, Marian - and Rosanne, great to chat to you on the phone. The line was so clear it was as if you were next door!  

A bientot. And Joyeuses Paques. Happy Easter. 

J x


  1. Happy Easter gorgeous Jen! I am following your daily posts and am gifted that you are sharing. What a wonderful time you are having. Graham (Mettas) asked after you while he and I were walking the Spit to Manly today. I said "guess where she is?" "Walking the Camino". I told him you are doing a different route. Anyway, he, Penny and I send our Easter love. And I will keep them posted on your journey. I think you should buy a little property over there!!! I am putting this to you. It is lovely weather here - for a change. Easter is warm and I am swimming - the surf is 22 degrees plus. Take care and much love xxx

  2. Oouuuu...... Where is Jenny??? Où est Bob??? Je suis tres triste aujourd'hui.... Bisouss!!! Ma grande soeur!!!

    Anna! J'espere te retrouver!!