Thursday, April 10, 2014

Day 7 - Saint-Chely-d'Aubrac to Estaing (34.7 km)

Saint-Chely-d'Aubrac - Saint-Come-d'Olt - Combes - Espalion - Saint Pierre-de-Bessiejouls - Verrieres - Estaing

Bon soir, I hope this post arrives in your 'mailbox' at the usual time. It's late here and I'm pretty tired. 

Walking again with Sive today. We had a big day, setting out at 7.30 am and arriving in Estaing around 6 pm. Just time to shower, do some hand washing and stroll around this stunning village, officially one of the most beautiful in France. Within a few minutes we had run in to Mary Rose and Brian (from Melbourne) and they kindly invited us to join them for dinner. So my plan to have a quick bite and back to our Chambre d'Hote to write a decent update followed by an early night ... well, instead just a quick note and hope the photos will make up for that. 

It was both the most beautiful and most strenuous day's walking so far. The brilliant sunshine was, for the most part, very welcome and made for extraordinary scenery. But it was punishing in the steep climbs through rough scrub this afternoon. The photos tonight tell only part of the story - the scenic part. As for the other - when you're struggling up a steep rocky path dripping with sweat, you don't fancy stopping to get the camera out - at least not often!  Although I have included a photo of a particularly awful mud track and the effect on my shoes. I haven't bothered to try to clean them - I figure the sun tomorrow will dry the mud and it will just disappear as we walk. Hope so! 

Best sign now off as it's nearly 10.30 here. We have another early start tomorrow as we plan to make it to Conques - that's a little further than today's walk. Yikes. Sive flys from there back to Ireland on Saturday morning, so no choice really. Wish us well. After Conques, I imagine I'll be on my own, at least for a while. 

Just before I go, a SUPER BIG THANK YOU - Helen (Mum), Helen C, Luise in Perth, David A (the Brisbane one), Robert, and all the way from the USA, Evan Garrett (who was a fabulous Camino buddy to Jill and I in 2013). Wonderful to receive your lovely comments and good wishes this morning. 

Bye for now.  

J xx


  1. Amazing photos amazing journey - i'm going to give the link to my friend Di who's planning on walking with me next year. We will probably do the Spanish camino - the one you and Jill did last year and the same one I think that James did. I hope today's trek isn't as harrowing for you - each day is worth it though I'm sure. Love Helen (c)

  2. While your words are always great to read, those photos really do show the beauty of the village and your journey. Another massive day ahead - walk well! I've got a feeling you might not be alone too much - people do seem to pop up all the way along. I'll look forward to reading how that unfolds. Cx