Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 20 - Condom to Eauze (31 kms)

Condom - Lamothe - Eauze

Tonight I am in Eauze, stil in the mid-Pyrenees region. Eauze and Condom (where I set out from this morning) both claim to be the capital of the Armagnac region.

No brandy at Elena's gite last night but a delicious dinner with Elena, her friend Charlotte and three Frenchmen, also guests at the gite. Elena, Charlotte, and two of the Frenchmen spoke some English, so it was easier for me to understand and participate in the conversation. Elena also told us that her boyfriend Jean-Phillipe has a bistro in Eauze which we might like to visit as an alternative to taking demi-pensione at our gite. 

And so tonight I had dinner with two French men - that's not something I can say too often - ie never!   Dominique, Pierre-Michel and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner of 5 courses at Jean-Philipe's bistro,The Loft Cafe, on the square in Eauze opposite the church. One of the our two desserts was strawberries in Grand Marnier Armagnac, a specialty of the region. (Walked all day with Dominique today - he has an interesting story and is delightful company). 

So, that's why this is the briefest of updates. It's after 10.30 and the pilgrims day starts early. We heard tonight that it is market day here in Eauze tomorrow so I'm excited to see that before we continue along The Way. Hope to get lots of great photos to share with you. 

Quick hi and thank you for being in touch to Helen (Mum), Pam, Clare, Rosanne, Martin (from yesterday - always great to receive your encouraging words, Coach) and to Pierre from the pilgrims hiking shop in St Jean Pied de Port - quelle honneur and quelle surprise that you are following my blog! I look forward to seeing you very soon in SJPP!

A bientot. 
J x


  1. Hi J'Crow,
    Loving your journey. It's wonderful. Your daily blog and the photos create such a beautiful story even with the muddy boots and bottoms of pants.
    So wonderful to see and read about new friends, bumping into old friends, hearing from friends from past and current Camino walks. It's very special. Not to mention quite a few encounters with some good looking dogs.
    It's also great to see some strangers have helped you out with your second caffeine fix of the day. Lovely!
    Lots of love,
    R x

  2. thanks Jenny!