Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 26 - Navarrenx to Aroue-Ithorots-Olhaiby (18 kms)

I can't write today. And I have only one photo to share. Sorry. 

I took many photos at l'Alchimiste last night and this morning. It is one of the most beautiful homes to be welcomed in to and a highlight of the Chemin. And it is 'donativo' - by donation. A special place offered by kind, generous and smiling people. 

When I was uploading the photos to my iPad I was so excited to look at them and choose the best to share. But I had first to make more space. I accidentally deleted all the photos from the iPad and camera - except one saved yesterday afternoon.  

This is my most difficult day on The Way. 

J x


  1. Dear Jenny sorry it's been such a difficult day. hope your great faith in the camino will be rewarded and it will take care of you as always. we're all thinking of you, lost in admiration - nearly there now. sorry about the photos - thought that only happened to people like me. lots of love Mum xxx

  2. Jenny, I am so sorry. At least you have your wonderful blog with so many photos already saved and the narrative to go with them. Have a good day today, take lots more photos and walk on, nearly there now.
    Lots of love, Pam xx

    1. I am very sorry too. For you, for me and your readers. You deserve to enjoy day 27 for all the entertainment you provide.

  3. Jen, your story is half of the picture too! You must be really mad at yourself but that's only one day out of nearly 30. As Pam said take lots more photo's today.
    Jude xx

  4. That is really distressing to hear and would have made it a terribly tough day on the Camino. Like Pam, I'm assuming all the wonderful photos we've already seen are safely saved within your blog and you will be able to retrieve them. I'm also hoping that some of your fellow pilgrims will be able to share their photos with you from your days together, particularly those who were with you at L'alchemiste. Its got to be a better day tomorrow. Cx

  5. Hi Jenny, Hang in there.
    A bad day is a sign of good ones to come.
    Love, Bill and Lilly

  6. Jen...sending you a big hug xx ange

  7. Hi Jenny,

    It was nice meeting you at l'Alchimiste.... what a pity that your photos got erased... you're gonna have to come back someday...

    Buon camino!