Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 5 - Aumont-Aubrac to Nasbinals (26 km)

Aumont-Aubrac - Lasbros - Les Quatre Chemins - Finieroyls - Rieutort d'Aubrac - La Grange Les Enfants - Montgros - Nasbinals. 

Bon soir mes amis. Apologies for another not very inspiring or descriptive update tonight. I'm experiencing a busy social life at present - which will quieten down I'm sure when I bid a bientot to Sheryl, Glenn and Carlo probably tomorrow or the day after. In the meantime there seems little time left to write at the end of each day. 

Today, for example, after a wonderful walk in rain, then wind, then sunshine, across the Aubrac Plateau (reminded me of the Meseta on the Camino Frances in Spain), we arrived at our gite at around 4 which seems early enough. But by the time we unpack, shower and do the hand washing, it's time to meet  some other Camino friends for a drink at a local bar (the only bar) to discuss the day's events and who's going where tomorrow. Our circle of friends now includes two French pilgrims Francis and Stan, and an Australian couple Brian and Mary Rose from Melbourne. And an Irish girl, Sive.

We met Sive (rhymes with hive) at our gite last night and I walked with her much of today. She has an interesting life story including six years with an NGO in Rvwanda and another two in Zimbabwe. And she's only in her early thirties. Like me, this is her third Camino. Sive needs to be in Conques by Friday so it may be that I move into the next stage of my Camino by walking to Conques with her. 

We would like to do a big day tomorrow (31 km) but the terrain and lack of facilities make it tricky. It's uphill for about 8 kms followed by a 23 km descent from 1400 meters to 200 meters - could be slow going and hard on the knees. We have a choice of accommodation at 16 km or 31 km with nothing in between. At this stage our plan is to make an early start, walk the 16 km and assess the situation then, depending on weather and how we're faring.  We'll see what happens. 

So, time to get some sleep. 

Before I sign off, thank you to Helen (Mum), Helen C (Helen Christopher), Rosanne and Judy for your comments and emails. Lovely to hear from you. I now have two Helens following and and commenting. And two David Andrews! In case you're reading the comments and trying to work out who's who - David is David Andrews from the Gold Coast, brother of Jill and long time friend of Marian. David A is the other David Andrews - from Brisbane, dear friend and husband of another dear friend Marianne. At least I think I have that right. 

Love from me. 

J x


  1. Hi Jenny, I'm looking for your daily post so don't stop! Loving the photos. You look well and happy - love from Helen C.

  2. With your descriptions and photos and a couple of google searches I'm a day's hike behind. 10 degrees, light wind, low humidity population 508. There must be a stone building for every resident in Nasbinals. And to be mentioned in dispatches! It must be your bedtime as I write. I wonder what you ate and drank and which town are you in now. Back to Brisbane. Bye.